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Public Health Community & Education

The well-being of populations will come to be a shared focus of public health professionals, biomedical science, social science and education in partnership with the community. Consequently Smith-Gordon aims to bring together much of its publishing in a category of Public Health Community & Education

Public health, community and education

The obesity culture: strategies for change. Public health and university-community partnerships
Francis E Johnston and Ira Harkavy ISBN 978-1-85463-225-8 £25
So far meeting the challenge of obesity is a failed enterprise. Neither vast expenditure or increasing awareness have been successful. The authors view obesity as an example of a complex problem. They describe practical approaches that involve schools, universities, researchers and communities working in partnership to counter the culture of obesity.

Development studies

Jordan’s arid Badia: deepening our understanding
Edited by RW Dutton and MI Shahbaz
£55 ISBN 978-1-85463-227
This is the second book recording more than a decade of cooperation between the Jordan Higher Council for Science and Technology and Durham University, UK. The work of the Badia Centre brings together research leading to an understanding of the geographic conditions of life in the arid Badia region that comprises 80% of Jordan. These studies match the aim of developing natural regional resources and preserving local human, animal and plant cultures.

Medical ethics

The patient’s duties in clinical research
Timothy J Steiner ISBN 978-1-85463-232-6 £20
Eight essays published recently in the journal Research Ethics Review [LINK] cover many of the concerns facing medical researchers. Research participants must be protected. Along with safeguards everything must be done to encourage and facilitate research. This book is an attempt to suggest some practical principles for the regulation and review of biomedical research.

Tropical medicine

Demerara doctor: an early success against malaria - The autobiography of George Giglioli 1897-1975
Curtis 978-1-85463-224-1 £30
Giglioli identified both the mosquito species doing the damage in Guyana and the use of DDT to destroy the malaria mosquito carrier in homes. His contribution and the lessons from it remain valuable. In the mid-20th century Giglioli’s work led to Guyana becoming virtually free of malaria. (Sadly it has returned). On the world scene DDT has since been ruled out for health reasons but its reintroduction is now being argued again as part of the reaction to the scourge of malaria in many parts of the world

Clinical nutrition and public health

Protein-energy malnutrition Reprint with added new material 2007 JCWaterlow FRS
ISBN 978-1-85463-231-9 £35
Hailed on first publication in 1992 as ‘a state-of-the art publication on nutrition and PEM for the 90s’ Protein energy malnutrition is a critical, authoritative review of the subject for doctors and health workers. prevention. the potential readership includes public health officials, aid agencies and medical advisers.

Protein-energy malnutrition fulfils the needs of doctors and health workers in less developed countries admirably...this book is an essential primer, especially since first-hand clinical and research experience in primary malnutrition is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire

--The Lancet (original edition)
Special lower cost edition supported by the Rank Prize fund is available at £10.00 (including postage).

Public health and social medicine

Childhood smoking: incidence, interrelationships and interventions
Cheung £40 978-1-85463-214-2
Middle and secondary school children (nearly 14 000) were surveyed in NE England. The methods and results are of value for future research. The authors comment on clues for prevention including the role of peers.

Epidemiology of gall bladder and bile duct cancer
978-1-85463-212-8 £40
The authors’ involvement in the epidemiology of these cancers (for example in Chile and Japan) is very much oriented on community and public health. Provides a wealth of reference material on causatory factors to back up approaches to prevention.

Perspectives in pre-pregnancy counselling and care
Sutherland 978-1-85463-060-5 £32
‘There is now a growing body of evidence that damage may be done to the fetus , particularly during early pregnancy, which will not become apparent until the fetus reaches adult life (FE Hyten). Based in Aberdeen on a rounded clinical approach, and cooperation between GPs,  midwives and hospital doctors, this account was ahead of its time (1990) putting the patient first and counselling on diet, smoking, alcohol, genetics and the risks of radiation.

Physical activity and obesity
Twelve international reviews include such topics as young age exercise levels and later life obesity, psychological impact of child’s obesity, ethnic growth differences, non-exercise thermogenesis, cardiac aspects, barriers to weight loss.

Water and public health Golding978-1-85463-018-6£40
An Anglo-Swedish symposium reviewed such topics as ‘the Red Rhine incident’ (toxicology), water supplies after flooding, drinking water quality regulation (Sweden and Britain), gastroenteritis, contamination from agriculture, water hardness and CHD, bottled water, vending machines, role of filters, legionella, developing country perspectives, recreational water quality. Sir Richard Doll summed up on Chemicals in drinking water: hazards to health and the economy.


Assessment of the elastic properties of the respiratory  system
The assessment of respiratory compliance by the airway occlusion technique is simple and reliable. This short account provides information on the measurements obtained as a background to their use by neonatologists.

Fetal heat flux: non-invasive diagnosis of fetal distress
978-1-85463-032-2 £18
Published in 1990 the author reported a novel technique using a small heat flux transducer to monitor fetal well-being during labour and childbirth. The clinical trial and research by Dr Rudelstorfer are described.

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