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Nutrition & Metabolism

Clinical and public health nutrition and dietetics

Amino acid and protein metabolism in health and disease: nutritional applications 
Tessari £35 978-1-85463-203-6
Thirty-one reviews address applications in intensive care, surgery, diabetes, liver failure, kidney disease, trauma and cancer. Merits and defects of analytic and anthropometric measurement methods of nutritional and clinical assessment are highlighted.

Biomarkers of dietary exposure
£20 978-1-85463-071-1
This short introduction virtually introduced the theory and practice of biomarkers to assess individual and population nutritional status before they were widely known. Special topics included Energy expenditure as a biomarker of energy intake (Bingham), antioxidants and fatty acids.

Current trends in trace elements research
£30 978-1-85463-005-6
Copper, zinc and boron are among the trace elements of major interest in public health at the time of this UNESCO-Lyon meeting. Along with our other trace element titles of the period environmental pollution is discussed alongside nutritional topics.

Diet, nutrition and chronic disease: an Asian perspective
Shetty £40 978-1-85463-208-1
Dietary transition broadly means Western fast food complicating malnutrition in developing countries. The subsequent rise of nutrition-related disease in India, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia is reviewed along with Japanese and European essays on prevention.

Dietary studies in Europe 1
r £40 978-1-85463-046-9
Aggregation of professional information before the world wide web gave rise to resources such as this 1989 publication arranged by the IUNS Committee on Nutritional Surveillance and Project Evaluation. Dietary studies in Europe were listed and a directory provided of researchers proficient in specific methods.

Disorders of HDL
£45 978-1-85463-062-9
High density lipoprotein is the ‘bad’ cholesterol. Thirty-one scientists contemplate key questions. What exactly should be measured? What regulates HDL levels? What is the role of HDL in humans? How should the clinician and public health clinician interpret HDL in cardiac risk?

Energy and nitrogen requirements in disease states
£25 978-185463-228-9
The monograph comprises five sections: methodology; energy requirements in chronic disease; energy requirements in severe inflammatory states; nitrogen, substrates and clinical outcome and estimating requirements. [The author] is to be congratulated for this concise, informative and practical monograph. J Hum Nutr Diet

Epidemiology, nutrition and health
£20 978-1-85463-013-1
This is a brief introduction for dietitians and nutritionists. Ten reviews illustrate methods and practice of nutritional assessment in relation to diseases and its prevention. Since its publication the important part played by epidemiology has been increasingly accepted in the growth in ‘public health nutrition’.

Essential trace elements in gastroenterology and clinical medicine
£30 978-1-85463-065-0
Six reviews cover trace element pathophysiology. There are 17 reviews on gastrointestinal and liver disease. Clinical and laboratory pathology is reviewed in application to MS, chromium and diabetes, physical exercise above anaerobic threshold, angiogenesis, goitre and adenocrcinomas.

Food, nutrition and chemical toxicity
£40 978-1-85463-072-8
Under the direction of the inspirational biochemist Dennis Parke 40 reviews, many of archival value, cover ‘Chemical toxicity and nutritional needs, ‘Dietary protection against reactive oxygen species’, ‘Chemicals, diet and cancer’ and clinical and regulatory aspects.

Form and function: a study of nutrition, adaptation and social inequality in three Gurung villages of the Nepal Himalayas
Strickland and Uliajaszek
£30 978-1-85463-201-2
This classic nutrition monograph is supported by a voluminous bibliography. The authors establish benchmarks for research into nutrition and health status based on family units.

Help your heart: a practical guide with recipes
  £12.50 978-1-85463-044-5
Books which address the subject of healthy eating for healthy hearts are produced as if on a production line. But none have surpassed this early exemplar for good sense and over 100 delicious recipes.

Kasongo. Child mortality and growth in a small African town
Van Lerberghe
This classic study of which this is a brief account (the detail was published elsewhere) dates from a generation ago. Based on follow up of 6228 children in Zaire the author’s team established the interaction of measles, bad water sources and malnutrition in SubSaharan Africa.

Medical practice of preventive nutrition Wahlqvist £35 978-1-85463-024-7
Professor Wahlqvist sets out with his international authors his vision in the 1990s of the place of nutrition as preventive medicine within the practice of all hospital and community based medicine. This early textbook may be consulted by all who still share the editors’ asperations. Mark Wahlqvist is Editor in Chief of the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition and past President of IUNS.

Metabolism of minerals & trace elements in human disease
: £35 978-1-85463-004-9
The significance of this proceedings volume dating from 1989 lies in the attention given to the role of essential trace elements in subtropical and tropical developing countries. The host country (India) remains preoccupied with the need for good public health achievable through good diet and curbs on pollution.

New aspects of trace element research
£38 978-1-85463-210-4
Sixty-nine contributions on trace elements in disease and in disease prevention. Nutrition and metabolism (20 reviews) including dietary recommendations for manganese (Freeland-Graves). Analysis (6) including Reference materials (Iyengar); Environment and toxicology (11), Genetics (6), Disease and treatment (12) and Zinc.

Nutrition in a sustainable environment: proc 15th IUNS conference Wahlqvist  £48 978-1-85463-052-0
The Melbourne 1993 conference is remembered as one of the best attended and most interesting (and friendliest) international meetings ever held on nutrition. Sadly proceedings volumes are now either not published or undervalued. This 948 page blockbuster surely retains the ability at least to suggest research areas and targets.

Nutrition in the elderly
£48 978-1-85463-041-4
Co-editor Irvin Rosenberg and distinguished contributor Hamish Monro both pointed out that their large study was largely bereft of any startling or even useful conclusions. But readers and students of the subject benefited from a number of truly authoritative essays on human nutrition and methods in relation to studies in the elderly.

Nutritional anthropology: prospects and perspectives
£25 978-1-85463-037-7
Evolution of diet. Subsistence and capacity. Community nutrition methods. Adaptation. Ecology and growth. Fertility, pregnancy, lactation.

Nutritional metabolism and malnutrition; Festschrift for John Conrad Waterlow Shetty £25 ISBN 978-1-85463-204-3
Editor Prakash Shetty wrote: ‘I have little doubt that this book will serve not only as an important source of information for the student of nutrition but also provide a narrative for the historian.’ John Waterlow’s postscript on ‘The Cartesian diver’ apparatus is a closing gem.

Nutritional sciences for human health
£24 978-1-85463-003-2
Proc 5th Eur Nutr Conf
The editors have done an excellent job…a book that is well-produced, well illustrated and well indexed – Eur J Clin Nutr.

Protein-energy malnutrition
Waterlow £35 978-1-85463-231-9
Reprint 2007 with added material
Protein-energy malnutrition fulfils the needs of doctors and health workers in less developed countries admirably...this book is an essential primer, especially since first-hand clinical and research experience in primary malnutrition is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire
--The Lancet (original edition).

Recent advances in clinical nutrition 3
£35 978-1-85463-074-2
This international symposium on clinical nutrition sets out the place of the specialty within medicine. The first review is therefore on the role of nutrition in both preventing and treating coronary heart disease, a generally accepted approach. More difficult topics cover the medical practice of clinical nutrition in hospitals, nutritional approaches to cancer prevention and omega-3 fatty acids.

Responsibility for nutrition diagnosis
£10 978-1-85463-014-8
A report by the nutrition working party of the social issues committee of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. A generation ago this was a call to arms for nutrition to be taken seriously in family medicine and public health. Has the battle been engaged let alone won?

The control of body fat content
  £25 978-1-85463-029-2
Romaine Hervey, J Duggan, A Cryer, D Williamson, E Scharrer and D Flint were authors of this succinct Physiological Society monograph. After 20 years their insights remain a benchmark.

The diet history method
Twelve essays form a critique of diet histories. Over 50 years (and more recently) controversies surround the reliability, difficulty and expense of dietary history studies. Problems recur both in the methods and the role of the researcher. This introduction to the topic remains of value.

The food network: achieving a healthy diet by the year 2000 
Hurren £25 978-1-85463-068-1
At the end of the last century the UK diet, so much richer than in the post-war years, did not appear to offer the advantages for mortality and morbidity that had been achieved by austerity and rationing. The concept of the food network was adopted by the British Dietetic Association as a basis for partnership between consumers, retailers, caterers, educators, processors and producers in the search for a more nutritious eating pattern.

The sensible person's guide to weight control: eating what comes naturally Yudkin £15 978-1-85463-026-1
Few nutritionists could successfully adopt a Shavian model in writing a diet book. This witty and sensible book retains its followers to this day (a generation after it was written).

The Swansea trial: body composition and metabolic studies with a very-low-calorie diet 
£25 978-1-85463-070-4
Is it true that well-designed very-low-calorie diets prejudice health status through excessive fat-free mass loss? The Swansea Trial was an experiment designed to give an answer to this concern and its conclusions were largely a startling rebuttal of conventional scientific fears.
The stoma care guide
£25 978-85463-218-0
Dr Leeds provides a short guide to the digestive system with diagrams. The main kinds of stoma are described. This leads on to practical care before, during, and after the surgical period and after in the community including diet (with palatable healthy recipes) and exercise.

Trace elements in medicine, health & atherosclerosis
Reis £25 978-1-85463-045-2
The 48 clinical, toxicological and methodological reviews here relate not only to atherosclerosis but conditions such as STZ diabetes, athletic training, type 1 and 2 human diabetes, hypertension. Smoking and wine consumption are also discussed.

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