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Neurology including Headaches


Julius Wagner-Jauregg (1857-1940)
978-1-85463-012-4 £25
A contemporary of Freud it was Wagner-Jauregg who won the Nobel Prize for his malaria therapy applied as a cure for neurosyphilis. Dr Whitrow’s biography is both an interesting account of Vienna and Graz at the turn of the 19th century and fills a gap in medical history.

Neuroscience across the centuries
Clifford Rose
£30 978-1-85463-015-5
Twenty-nine stories from the Greeks to the post-mortem on Oscar Wilde via ancient Indian neurology. All the essays are scholarly, some specialized, some of general interest and characterize the achievements of such pioneers as Thomas Willis, Hughlings Jackson,  Sherrington, Brown-Sequard, Charcot and Gower.

Migraine and Headache

Cervicogenic headache
£20  978-1-85463-223-4
Cervicogenic headache is a relatively common cause of chronic headache that is often misdiagnosed or unrecognized. The hemichranial pain originates from the back and its classification is controversial. For that reason the European Headache Federation supported this brief expert and practical guide to diagnosis and treatment.

Cluster headache syndrome in general practice: basic concepts
£18 978-1-85463-215-9
The European Headache Federation supported this brief expert guide to diagnosis and treatment of an excruciatingly painful form of headache and its near companion chronic paroxysmal hemicrania.

Migraine in general practice: basic concepts
Ekbom on behalf of the European Headche Federation
£25 978-1-85463-
A short introduction in 15 chapters by European and UK experts to such topics as taking a history, epidemiology and classification, trigger factors, differential diagnosis, treatment with and without drugs, migraine in childhood.

New advances in headache research 1
Clifford Rose
£40 978-1-85463-002-5
Seventh Migraine Trust International Symposium. Topics include headache in AIDS, CT scans of upper neck, brain mapping, metabolism of biogenic amines, rCBF – a note of caution, hormaonal correlates of menopause, theoretical model of cerebral mechanisms in initiation of migraine attacks.

New advances in headache research 2
Clifford Rose
£40 978-1-85463-033-9
Eighth Migraine Trust International Symposium. Contains the new and first international classification of headache. Three of the research areas covered here mirror the intense debate on classification: biochemistry, vascular aspects and epidemiology.

New advances in headache research 3
Clifford Rose
£40 978-1-85463-094-0
Ninth Migraine Trust International Symposium. Childhood migraine  and cluster headache represent two research interests in this volume. These topics are controversial in the new classification. The pharmaceutical development based on 5-HT receptors (Sumatriptan) are reflected in academic advances in for example the understanding of vascular aspects.

New advances in headache research 4
Clifford Rose
£40 978-1-85463-130-5
Tenth Migraine Trust International Symposium. Following on from its predecessor this volume begins with contributions to advances in 5-HT receptor drugs and treatment. Following from the pharmacology, advances are reported in the understanding of vascular and neurological  mechanisms.

Clinical neurology and neurological sciences

Advances in neuropharmacology
Clifford Rose
£35 978-1-85463-096-4
This Medical Society of London international symposium presented two dozen reviews of   prospects for drug treatment. The first essay describes how PET of the brain opens possible approaches. Most accessible possibilities seemed to be in epilepsy treatment and in use of 5-HT receptor drugs (migraine). Other much needed advances were in brain-injury and degenerative disease treatment including neuropsychiatry.

ALS: From Charcot to the present and into the future
Clifford Rose 
£40 978-1-85463-089-6
Forty-four neuroscientists covereed clinical and research aspects of motor neurone disease in the centenary year of Charcot’s death. Contents include: the Norris ALS score; epidemiology update (Kurland); Pathogenesis and autoimmune aspects; new brain imaging insights; aspects of clinical trials in ALS; new therapeutic directions including calcium-channel blockers.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: new advances in toxicology and epidemiology
Clifford Rose
To what extent do epidemiologic studies, especially in Guam and elsewhere, provide clues from the toxicology associated with ALS/MND to eventual ability to prevent the disease? A relationship between Western Pacific ALS and the parkinsonism-dementia complex is discussed based on neopathologic standards. The authors number pioneers in Western Pacific studies.

Assessing tremor severity
Bain, LJ Findley £10 978-1-85463-099-5
An outstanding feature of this mini clinical handbook is the 20-page methods section. The authors’ ground-breaking rating scale and the elucidatory patient’s writing examples are included.

Biological markers in dementia of Alzheimer type
£28 978-1-85463-031-5
This international symposium headed by Swedish authors contains 19 reviews of new advances in investigation and neurochemistry. .Dr CG Gottfries concludes with predictions on future directions for  early differential diagnosis of dementia disorders.

Current progress in functional brain mapping: science and applications
£40 978-1-85463-206-7
Technology review: functional MRI, magnetoencephalography, PET and SPECT for specific ligand binding (8 reviews). Sensory and motor function applications (5 reviews). Cognitive function results (3). Clinical perspectives (3) and short studies.

Molecular genetics and neurology Clifford Rose £30 978-1-85463-082-7
At the dawn of the genomic era neuromuscular diseases covered include Duchenne-Becker dystrophy, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and amyloid neuropathy. CNS diseases include Batten disease, tuberous sclerosis, brain tumours and Alzheimer’s. Basic aspects and futue prospects include in-situ hybidization, role of mitochondrial genes, animal models and the Human Genome project.

Neurocardiology update Nappi £40 978-1-85463-095-7
A showcase for cooperation between cardiologists and neurologists. Much of the impetus for cooperation between these disciplines is Italian as evidenced by these proceedings from the Italian Society for Neurocardiology. Others may learn from a joined up approach to preventing and treating embolism and strokes.

New advances in Parkinson's disease & extrapyramidal disorders  
£30 978-1-85463-102-2
The 17 reviews, mainly by Italian experts, are prefaced by discussions by DB Calne and EC Hirsch of the basic science background of cause and development of the disease. There are supporting essays on molecular aspects and clinical epidemiology. Nine chapters discuss therapeutic options.

New evidence in MND/ALS research
Clifford Rose
(Advances in ALS/MND No 2)
Contents: Clinical aspects; Epidemiology (geographic and genetic), Cell biology, Immunology, Metabolism, Therapy. Contributions by among others FH Norris, S-M Aquilonius, BM Patten, T Murakami, M Tomiyama, JM Polak, W Camu.

Parkinson's disease & the problems of clinical trials
Clifford Rose
£35 978-1-85463-090-2
Tremor, rigidity, akinesia are variable symptoms rendering results from clinical trials difficult to appraise (as in the DATATOP trial). Many of the problems are discussed here in 19 reviews by experts in clinical trials and or Parkinson’s.

Primary headaches: clinical approach and management
£25 978-1-85463-100-8
Professor Nappi has Professorial chairs in both Pavia and Rome and is a leader in Italian neuroscience. It is Dr Nappi the fascinated and caring physician who has written this full, practical and personal account of ‘headache medicine’ with integrated knowledge of science and classification complementing but not overwhelming ‘ a physician’s view’.

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