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Diabetes mellitus: new aspects of pathogenesis and treatment - 9th Japan Korea symposium Kaneko £40 978-1-85463-205-0
Together with Prevention and treatment of NIDDM (non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus) Goto this volume reflects perspectives of Asia Pacific genetic and environmental aspects of type-2 diabetes together with reviews of international advances.

Diabetes mellitus and exercise
Glucose transporters (4 reviews); Contraction-mediated glucose update (3 reviews); Fuel homeostasis during exercise (4 reviews); Fuel homeostasis post exercise (3 reviews); New metabolic research; Modification of cardiovascular risk through exercise (3 reviews).

Dietary cholesterol as a cardiac risk factor: myth or reality?
£15 978-1-85463-213-5
A review of research and practice over 30 years to 2000. Current evidence for the effects of DC. Genetic aspects. Cardiac risk and dietetic practice. Drug use in primary health care (statins, cost and value).DC, egg consumption and cardiac risk.

Disorders of HDL
£45 978-1-85463-062-9
High density lipoprotein is the ‘bad’ cholesterol. Thirty-one scientists contemplate key questions. What exactly should be measured? What regulates HDL levels? What is the role of HDL in humans? How should the clinician and public health clinician interpret HDL in cardiac risk?

Exercise and obesity
£30 978-1-85463-086-5
International authors review the role of exercise as part of the multifactorial syndrome of obesity. Thus social, behavioural and psychological aspects are considered and the needs of individuals at different life stages. The relationship of metabolic dysfunction to both exercise and obesity is charted (Despres).

Frontiers in diabetes research Lessons from animal diabetes iii
This is a stupendous archive and work of editorial scholarship. It comprises 700 pages devoted to knowledge from diabetic animals and models. The focus on  applicability of the animal and experimental advances is demonstrated by the 50-page section on therapeutic measures and pharmacological trials.

Frontiers in diabetes research Lessons from animal diabetes iv Shafrir £40 978-1-85463-077-3
‘LAD 4’ is an archival resource comprised of invited review articles. As the title implies the material consists of animal models (mouse, hamster etc) and spontaneous animal diabetes. The aim is to link these advances to those from molecular biology and immunogenetics.

Frontiers in diabetes research Lessons from animal diabetes: biennial review volume v
‘LAD 5’ is an archival resource comprised of invited review articles. As the title implies the material consists of animal models (mouse, hamster etc) and spontaneous animal diabetes. Type-1 diabetes and B-cells, Type-2 and insulin resistance, Insulin action, Diabetes complications, Antidiabetic agents in animals, Animals with diabetes – modalities.

Frontiers of insulin secretion and pancreatic B-cell research
£64 978-1-85463-104-6
Seventy-eight reviews.  Subject areas: Gene expression and development, Glucose transport and B-cell metabolism, Ion channels, CA2+ and second messengers, Hormones, neurotransmitters, local modulators and drugs, Synthesis and secretion in NIDDM, B-cell destruction, regeneration and treatment in IDDM.

Glucose fluxes, exercise and diabetes
£40 978-1-85463-202-9
Glucose fluxes in exercise, whether in humans or animals, trained individuals or untrained persons, produce results usefully compared to the stresses of exercise. Advances in clinical studies and animal models can be contrasted with observations in the role of insulin and insulin resistance in diabetic patients and models as the authors of this IDF symposium illustrate.

Lessons from animal diabetes: Tokyo workshop
£30 978-1-85463-075-9
The contents of this workshop on animal models and diabetes correlated with the interests of clinicians. Studies comprised: Pathogenesis (type 2 ), Insulin secretion and resistance, Diabetic complications, New anti-diabetic agents.

New antidiabetic drugs
£35 978-1-85463-017-9
Two dozen compounds then being considered as potential hypoglycaemic agents are evaluated. As the reviewer in Diabetologia wrote:’ …the most authoritative and updated review of new approaches to treatment of diabetes. …recommended for a everyone who wants to take a look into the future of diabetes treatment.’ After more than 20 years these essays form valuable pharmaceutic references.

Obesity: changes in understanding and treatment
AR Leeds ISBN and price to follow

In much of the world, the middle of the last century was one of war and its aftermath of austerity. Slowly and then at ever quickening pace a second form of malnutrition came with affluence, more food and more cars. Dr Anthony R Leeds, a medically qualified nutritionist and researcher, discusses the advances in knowledge of obesity and the advances in treatment. But Dr Leeds argues that although a lot has changed there is still too little commitment to tackling obesity. Besides which intervention needs to start early. In part at least the fight against obesity is too little and too late.

Obesity, growth and development
£35 978-1-85463-217-3
This team of eleven invited experts analyses the relation of obesity and growth and development and vice versa. As obesity focuses on public health and prevention. Of special interest are essays on ‘Diet, television and the illusions of personal choice’ and ‘The epidemiology of obesity in developing countries’. A useful adjunct text for public health and health studies.

Obesity illustrated
AP Hills
ISBN and price not yet available
Exercise, fitness and healthy diet, together with obesity itself, can most appropriately be presented visually. Hence the European and Australian authors have gathered together the facts about the syndrome of obesity (and its fellow travellers hypertension and diabetes)
energy expenditure, fitness and diet, cardiovascular risks, pathophysiology, prevalence and mortality in visual form with brief related text. The illustrative material is international and ranges from the clinical (diagnostic) to the statistical (epidemiology.

Physical activity and obesity
£15.99 978-1-85463
Twelve international reviews include such topics as young age exercise levels and later life obesity, psychological impact of child’s obesity, ethnic growth differences, non-exercise thermogenesis, cardiac aspects, barriers to weight loss.

Prevention and treatment of NIDDM (non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus) Goto £60 978-1-85463-083-4
The late 20th century opened up advances in understanding and treatment of diabetes based on regional studies of genetics, diet and lifestyle. This large Japan-Korea compendium comprises 47 studies of aetiology and pathophysiology; natural history and detection of NIDDM in the region (7 studies); macroangiopathy, lipidaemia and hypertension (18 studies); neuropathy and ocular complications (29); and aspects of treatment (20 studies).

Protein metabolism in diabetes mellitus
Nair £40 978-1-85463-085-8
Basic and clinical scientists critically review techniques used for measuring protein synthesis and degradation. Many physiological experiments in human diabetic models have partly contradicted animal data. These reviews aim at a balanced conclusion for future dibetes and protein research.

 Recent developments in body composition analysis: methods and application Kral £35 978-1-85463-087-2
Unlike some textbooks ‘Recent developments’ surveys methods in 100 pages (10 contributions) and applications in 50 pages (5 contributions). Where as instruments have been developed that offer more sophisticated measurements, and clinical interest has greatly increased, some crucial ‘questions’ about the place of body composition in medicine remain since this 1993 publication.

The dietary treatment of obesity before surgery
Leeds ISBN and price to follow

Prevention is better than cure but with the emphasis on public health the commitment to s the radical approaches of surgery needs to be maintained and improved. It can restore normal living to very ill people. Surgeons however insist on an amount of weight loss before surgery. Since patients are morbidly obese their dietary regime in preparation for operation needs good professional supervision.

The obesity culture : strategies for change. Public health and university-community partnerships
Johnston £25 978-1-85463-225-8
The authors describe obesity as a complex problem. As such they insist on the diverse conditions that form ‘The obesity culture’.  Good methods of research, and a central role for education and community participation may best meet the public health challenge. Obesity and overweight, as hazards for the health of all, and widely manifested as a particular threat to the less economically well off and minority groups, form an outstanding example of the complex problems of today’s global society. Money alone and prescriptive solutions clearly do not work.

World book of impotence
Lue £25 978-1-85463-076-6
At the outset of the era of Viagra Dr Lue’s team reviewed 17 aspects of research, diagnosis and treatment of male sexual dysfunction. Each key topic was presented with informed opinion ‘from both sides’ of the argument for and against an important clinical method or treatment approach.

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